Build Your Network

Have you ever played the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game.  You know how it goes.  O.J. Simpson was in "The Naked Gun 33⅓" with Olympia Dukakis, who was in "Picture Perfect" with Kevin Bacon.  It turns out that Kevin Bacon is at the center of the hollywood universe.  You can connect him with any other actor or actress within six steps.

Of course this game is based on a real theory.  A theory that was popularized by this 1967 Harvard study.  The theory states that everyone and everything is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world.

But a 2011 study from Facebook and The University of Milan found that we are only 4.74 degrees away from any other person.  Isn’t that amazing given that the world population is just over 7 billion people.

This has huge implications for leaders who want to grow and adapt.  It is important because help is closer than you think.

Are you looking for motivation.  You are likely 4 or less degrees of separation from having a conversation with Tony Robbins.  I’ll bet he can help you get unstuck.  Are you looking to develop yourself spiritually?  You might only be 3 degrees away from Wayne Dyer - a prolific writer, speaker, and spiritual guide.  Are you interested in law or policy making?  Barack Obama, the President of the United States, might be less than 4 degrees away.  Are you looking for a new job?  The CEO of a great company might be a friend of a friend.

The people you know can help you achieve your wildest dreams.  They will provide you with tremendous opportunities.  Your close connections help you connect with others who know others.  Your close connections know who possesses the knowledge, insight, experience, and information you need.

Always remember that your network is a great asset.  Your network is always close to you.  Every day you interact with friends, family members, co-workers and complete strangers.  Make the most of each interaction and you will spin an almost infinite web of support and possibility.