You Can Do Anything But You Can’t Do Everything 

Do you think you can have it all?  Do you feel that you are entitled to get everything you want?  Of course not.  No one does.   Most of us are reasonable and realistic.

Then why do so many of us choose to pursue too much?  Why do perfectly intelligent and successful people loose focus as they progress in their careers?

  • Perhaps we are overwhelmed by all of the options we have.
  • Perhaps we are bored with the mundane work that industrialism provides.
  • Perhaps we are wired in a way that makes it hard to focus.
  • Perhaps we are unwilling to make a commitment.

Acknowledge that time is your most precious resource.  It is finite and passing.  The actions of today are gone tomorrow.  The actions you take tomorrow are history one tenth of a second later.

Everything you do has consequences.  The results might be positive or negative but they exist despite how you label them.  When you say yes to something you say no to something else.  This reality is omnipresent.

Choose your actions carefully.  You can do anything but you can’t do everything.