How To Choose

You are not broken.  There is nothing wrong with you.

When you find yourself reflecting on what was negative, frustrating, incongruent, or wrong; stop.  Your existence is good and whole.  You fulfilled your destiny the moment you were born.

Yes the world will test you.  Others will judge you.  Circumstances will overwhelm you.  Your mind will take over.

You might tell yourself that you should have done this.  You might tell yourself that you need to do that.  You might get lost in your mind and thoughts.  You might overanalyze and critique.

You will evaluate your actions.  You will second guess your decisions.  You will push against the way things are.  You will react to what surrounds you.

But you are not the world.  You are not your thoughts.  You are not the thoughts of others.  You are not the circumstances that surround you.

You are always at a moment of choice.  Do not choose to beat yourself up.  Stop turning your frustrations into daggers and harsh words.  Stop using your weapons against yourself.

Instead, choose to accept and be grateful.  Choose to see that you are part of a bigger plan.  Choose to smile and be kind.  Choose to do what you can and leave it at that.

You are not broken!  It isn’t healthy to think so.

[…] Dave Gray wrote about “How to Create Your Future Self” – key quote there is “By paying attention to your experience, as it happens, in the moment, you can find that there are many other possible ways of being and doing.” This reminds me a lot about advice I’ve taken to heart — “Be deliberate.” Being deliberate is tough, though. It requires making choices. Matt Cross had some good advice recently on “How to Choose.” […]

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