Your New Value Proposition - Go Make Something!

It seems like only yesterday everyone was talking about elevator pitches. You know the drill. Write and memorize a pitch that you can share in 30 seconds or less. Make sure it is clear and concise. It's a perfect way to influence that senior executive while you travel up 20 floors to the C-Suite.

The problem is it rarely works. Honestly, have you ever successfully mastered your elevator pitch? It seems like a dream that turns into a nightmare when an influential stakeholder enters the elevator. Nine times out of ten the pitch evaporates into the nether regions of your brain never to be heard from again! Even worse, if you muster up the courage to state your pitch it feels forced, out of context and stale. What a waste of all that time crafting and memorizing the perfect elevator pitch.

To make matters worse, elevator pitches are now relics of the 1990's. Replaced by a new shiny object called the value proposition. Are you an entrepreneur? What is your value proposition? Are you a mid-level manager who wants to make a business case? Please tell me the value proposition. Are you a job candidate? Give me your value proposition early in the interview and do it quick - 10 seconds or less please. Everyone is expecting you to bring on the B.L.U.F (bottom line up front) and the bottom line better be a value proposition!

But is value really created in 30 second elevator pitches or formulaic value proposition statements? What if we stopped trying to pitch our value and focused on just creating it? Value isn't something you pitch. It is something you create. Go make something of value!