How To Be Happy

We live in an amazing time.  Our world is filled with endless possibilities.  Happiness is in the palm of your hand.

You can turn on your smartphone and connect with millions of people.  You can do a google search and answer your question.  You can visit YouTube and learn how to do almost anything.  You can even 3D print your dinner.

It has never been easier to do what you want.

But determining what you want is the hard part.  Our desires are unclear because we have too many options.  It is easy to identify a goal and pursue it blindly.  It is easy to cling to surface level desires.

On the surface you may think that you want a better job.  Scratch the surface and you realize that you want a better job so you can buy a nicer house.  Scratch deeper and you notice that a house will let you host dinner parties.   Keep going and you see that you really want to spend more time with your friends.

Obviously this example doesn’t go deep enough.  It would only take a few more steps to realize that all you really want is happiness.

So how can you be happy today?

Perhaps you should start by asking what you really want.