Make A Commitment

Commitment is powerful.  It is a secret to success.  If you want to succeed, make a commitment.  Say yes to something and follow through.

Failure surfaces when we waver and loose focus.  Unfortunately, it is easy to waver.  We live in a time when flexibility is rewarded.  Disruption is celebrated and change is constant.  Organizations seek out adaptive frameworks and agile methodologies.  Leaders expect change and innovation.

When we desire flexibility we struggle to commit.  When we lack commitment we produce less.  Low production leads to a downward spiral.  Failing to succeed makes it harder to focus.

The downward spiral is hard to escape.  Options will surface and dance around you.  They tempt and coerce you like shiny objects.  They trick you into believing that you need to be flexible.

Do not be deceived!

If you want to succeed, commit to something.  Commit to something that inspires you and go after it consistently.  Success will follow hard work and commitment.

It is only OK to be flexible until it isn’t.

What are you committed to?