Why Leaders Must Quickly Resolve Conflict

How do you feel about conflict? Do you tend to avoid it or deal with it head on? In this video we explore why leaders must quickly resolve conflict to ensure that you build a strong team and maintain momentum.

In this video, you'll discover:

  • How much time leaders typically spend dealing with conflict.
  • What conflict will do if it isn't resolved quickly.
  • Why leaders must quickly resolve conflict.

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Hey what's up everyone Matt Cross here from mattcrosscoaching.com and today we're talking about quickly resolving conflict and specifically why handling conflict well is important in leadership.

Before we get started I just want to ask you to acknowledge that conflict is a normal part of life and it's actually quite useful.

There are studies that report that leaders spend a tremendous amount of time dealing with conflict - maybe up to a quarter of their time - so it is incredibly important that we build conflict resolution skills.

The problem is that many of us really don't like conflict so we tend to avoid it and when we avoid it we start to create a whole host of other problems within our teams and within our organizations.

Conflict has the potential to kill productivity, reduce teamwork, and tarnish our reputation. When we fail to deal with conflict effectively trust is lost and that is the last thing that we want because once we lose trust, and once people start to perceive us as ineffective at conflict resolution, everything else around you starts to crumble. You'll run the risk of failing to meet your goals if you fail to quickly resolve conflict.

But if you get good at conflict resolution, and master this skill, you'll create a higher level of productivity in your team. Other people will stay focused on what matters most and they'll want to follow your lead. People will start to support each other, support you and work better together - that's just what happens when you quickly resolve conflict. You'll build trust and respect and people will want to follow you because they know you're that person that knocks down hurdles and gets things done.

Ultimately you'll create growth and success for you and the people around you - isn't that really what we all want.

So I have a question for you. What are some of the conflicts that you're dealing with right now?

I want to hear a bit about the challenges you face and talk about ways that you can tackle your challenges.

Please drop a comment in the comment section below and keep your eyes open for next week's video where I'll share three specific things that you can do to deal with conflict effectively.

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