What's Your Story?

Who are you and what do you stand for?  What is your story?  What are you committed to?

Maybe you are son or daughter who was the first in your family to go to college.  Maybe you are a husband or wife who is committed to loving your spouse.  Maybe you are an athlete, a runner perhaps, who trains and runs in weekend 10 K races.  Maybe you are a parent or grandparent who feels compelled to care for and raise wonderful children.

Step away from your personal life and you’ll see a different story emerge.  You might be an accountant who cares that the books are in order.  You might be a lawyer who stands for justice, or a teacher who wants to help others learn and grow.   You may be a manager or an executive who is responsible for leading others.  Or you may be a young professional who just graduated from college and is learning the ropes.

Regardless of your story you should know that it is important.  You are unique and you bring something special to the table.  You create value and you have a purpose.  You make a difference everyday and in ways you may not realize.

The problem is you probably don’t hear that too often.  When we go to work or when we go home we experience a life that is busy and rushed.  Our friends, coworkers and loved ones are often too busy to recognize the value we create.   Even when they do recognize the great gifts you possess, they fail to share that recognition with you.   The whirlwind encapsulates everyone and blinds us.  We fail to appreciate, recognize, thank, admire, and respect others.

Over time, we start to accept a false reality.  We start to accept the illusion that we are mediocre.  Without external validation from others we wither on the vine like grapes that passed their harvest.  We become bitter, rancid, and frustrated.  Our story takes a negative turn and we begin to form bad habits.

Don't accept the illusion!  Don't believe the story you are creating!  You were put on this earth for a purpose.  Now go and do the good things you were meant to do.