How To Be Strategic

Strategic people think different.  They think beyond the mainstream.  When they contemplate the future they see possibilities.  When they consider the here and now they simultaneously see the big picture.

Strategic people see the world through a different set of glasses.  They experience reality from a different perspective.  When others see black or white they immediately see shades of gray.  As time passes, gray manifests into an infinite spectrum of color.  Strategic people don’t get bogged down by the limiting thoughts that hold most of us back.  Thoughts like “change is difficult” or “what if I fail” don’t resonate in the mind of the strategist.  When challenges surface the strategist outwits them with creativity and foresight.

Several years ago I worked with an exceptional strategic thinker.  He saw things that others didn’t.  A group of people would gather to discuss a problem and he would quickly present alternative perspectives.  If the group thought something was black or white he would speak about pale cornflower blue or chartreuse.  If someone thought something couldn’t be done he would debate with her intelligently, throwing infinite possibilities into the debate space.  On occasion people would get frustrated by his “out there” thinking but he didn't take it personally.  Solutions surfaced and he enjoyed the strategic process.

The truth is most people were impressed by his ability to rattle off options when everyone else was stumped.  There were no problems this man didn’t think he could solve.  From his perspective anything was possible.  The question was never could the problem be solved.  The focus was always on how to solve it best.

How can you best solve problems?  How can you think different?