What Are Your Values?

All organizations have values. Some state them explicitly while others act them out unconsciously.

Values are the principles or standards of behavior that one adheres to. They are the judgment of what is important to an organization.

Walk into any organization and you will see what they value. Ask a few questions and you will learn more. Is the office clean and tidy? What does that say about what they value? Do they respond quickly to requests for assistance? What values drive them to do so? Do they provide great customer service, provide an excellent employee benefits plan, give out stock options, meet regularly, communicate openly, have an open floor plan, share their space with partners, allow employees to telework? Answer these questions and you will discover what they value.

Values always exist in organizations! Organizations are made up of people and all people value something. But how do you explicate and get aligned around organizational values? Set time aside, get a representative sample in the room, ask great questions, and talk it out! There is no other way.

Questions:  What do you value?  What does your organization value?  Are your values and your organization's values aligned?